2022 PILOTWe are piloting two initiatives to deepen our understanding of the landscape of Asian food access and movement building in our region:

Gleaning is the practice of inviting community members to harvest excess crops from farm fields to share with those in need. Through a series of monthly gleaning events, we will build capacity for AAPI growers and provide restorative farming experiences for grassroots groups that serve AAPI communities in NYC. Organizations will be paired with farms to glean for their distribution of choice, share a meal, and learn with one another.

Informed by conversations with community-based organizations about Asian food deserts, we are partnering with Think!Chinatown to expand access to locally-grown and culturally relevant produce, share seedlings and exchange stories of Asian foodways. These gatherings will provide space for resource sharing and serve to increase visibility and engagement between AAPI growers and the communities they grow for. 

These initiatives seek to provide healing space for activists and organizers, support elders seeking ways to be active, and offer connection to land and heritage for all involved.