Cultural Events

We envision and convene community events along seasonal points to practice (and evolve) our cultural traditions in the present. 

NOV 24 2023
Community Kimjang

As a ceremonial close to the growing season, we hosted an intimate kimjang for our community of relations from this season. We made kimchi with the last of the season's harvest (thank you Choy Division and Star Route Farm), practiced qi gong collectively, and enjoyed gukbap together.

Thank you to Yong Shin and Kimberly Chou Tsun An for guiding us through the kimjang, led by the 손맛 (son-mat) of Yong's mother (the kimchi was truly unreal!).

Thank you to Daria Garina of Red Rabbit Astrology who led us through qi gong that moved energy through the landscapes of our bodies and through the transition of production to rest.

Thank you to Edlin Choi of Heart & Seoul Food Co. for nourishing us with gukbap made with locally sourced ingredients.

Thank you to Heart of Dinner for distributing the kimchi we made to Korean elders in the Lower East Side.

Thank you to Jeffery A. Tang for photographing and preserving our gathering.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, for your openness to care and reciprocity, and for co-creating an experience to each carry through winter. At a time of fatigue and grief, this experience brought us needed life affirming connection and warmth to move onward. 

We gathered in honor and memory of Evan, known lovingly as kimchi daddi, who shared our belief of belonging and joy through food and service. Thank you to Leah for joining us ceremony, in grief and love.

The practice of fermentation contains lessons of immense power if you are patient enough to receive them. That notions of endings are fleeting moments in larger cycles. That many different things can be held in the present and become extraordinary with time. That preservation is an act of hope.

Until next time ~